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Day Job: Creative Artist | Employer: Hebah Limited (Baywalk Shopping Mall)


I’m a Graphic Designer from the island of Saint Lucia, with a passion for the arts.

I took interest in designing at an early age and gradually developed a knack for it. Starting with Corel Draw, my first pieces were as simple as taking one image and imposing it against another (Photo Manipulation). Such was a technique used in what attracted me to designing in the first place – Virtual Tuning (2D graphical modification of vehicles). Mind you, I was no good at it though. But, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

It wasn’t long before I got to know about Photoshop and Adobe’s suite of software. I initially made the intimidating jump to Photoshop and Illustrator before slowly also trying out some of Adobe’s other creative software. At that point I started trying out new things such as Pixel Art, Web Designing and Advertising.

It’s now over 7 years that I’ve been digitally splashing colours on canvas and the discoveries and creativity never stop. One can never know every trick there is in designing and I’m glad I never stopped being creative.